Egyptian Pool “Symbol of Water & Prosbility” The rare Egyptian pool represents Water, especially the primal waters of Nun, which is the main source of all things, plus many sun gods of ancient Egypt are seen dedicated to the sun itself rising from the pool symbol. It is depicted as a rectangle, long horizontally with equal seven-spaced vertical wavy lines. The image of the pool symbol can be seen across many tombs and temples where a fruit-laden palm tree is grown, and the Four Sons of Horus are rising from a lotus flower emerging from the side of the pool. Note: The Egyptian pool is a blessed symbol of the divine power of the water that created life in the middle of the harshest environments on earth.  symbol in Egyptian mythology represents water. It is a rectangle, longer horizontally than vertically, with seven equally spaced vertical zigzag lines within it. It can also represent the primal waters that the Egyptians believed was the source of all things, which they called Nun. Occasionally, the sun god is depicted as a sun arising from the pool symbol. Egyptian pharaohs had decreed that objects in paintings and the like should be instantly recognizable to the viewer. Hence, reflecting pools were shown from a bird’s-eye view, even if the rest of the image was shown from the side.

Egyptian Pool "Symbol of Water & Prosbility"
Egyptian Pool “Symbol of Water & Prosbility”

Meaning The pool was related to the Afterlife, as seen in the image to the right. As water was greatly needed for survival in Egypt’s harsh desert climate, the deceased was often shown drinking from a pool of water. Often a fruit-laden palm tree is shown growing from the pool. These images were very common in Egyptian tombs, and they were often accompanied by wishes for the deceased to “walk according to your desire on the beautiful edge of your pool.” The Four Sons of Horus were also shown rising from a lotus that is emerging from a pool before the throne of Osiris in the Underworld. Finally, the Egyptians also portrayed deadly Underworld lakes of fire with the pool hieroglyph, but drawn with red, instead of blue.