Sa “Symbol of Protection” The ancient Egyptian symbol Sa represents protection, especially for a young life, which is very connected with the god of fun Bes and the Hippopotamus goddess Taweret protector of women during childbirth. It is connected to pregnant women and to mothers who wish to protect their kids from evil. It has the shape of a loop that was used as an amulet that offered a magical bond of protection between this mortal world and the supernatural one. Note: The Symbol Sa was dedicated to the protection of women during childbirth by the goddess Taweret which only showcases the vital role the ancient Egyptian women played in further building the Egyptian empire.

The appearance of the Sa symbol Various ideas have been offered as to the origin andappearance of the Sa sign. Some thought it represented arolled-up herdsman s shelter or perhaps the papyrus life-preserverused by the Nile. s boatmen. The hieroglyph appears in two forms.In the Old Kingdom, the lower section of the hieroglyph wasundivided, while in the Middle Kingdom, it was usually separated.
Meaning of sa symbol It was often used in amulets and jewellery in hopes of rendering its protective powers over theowner. The Sa was often used in compositions featuring otherhieroglyphs such as the ankh and djed signs. It was also foundused on magic wands or batons during the Middle Kingdom. The Sa  was also associated with various deities such as Bes, Taweret and the lion when emphasizing their protective duties. Sa  symbolfollowed by Rudra (God) symbol. Rudra is the god creatingdisease and death by his arrows. Naturally, Indus people tried toward off Rudra using the Sa protection symbol. However, thefrequency of this combination is very low.