Some Facts you Should Know about Egypt There is some important information that you should know and collect before arranging a tour in Egypt and below is a brief on some of them.

Currency: The main currency used in Egypt is the Egyptian Pounds (EGP, E£). You can either exchange some of your money upon your arrival to be in EGP or you can keep your USD as the majority of tourist shops do accept USD and also Credit Cards so it is considered very easy to buy different items in Egypt with any currency you have, either EGP, USD, GBP, if you have a Credit, Master, or a Debit card, the tour guide with you will assist you in the best possible way to get whatever you want.

ATMs: Some travelers don’t prefer holding a lot of cash with them while traveling to any country and from our side, we would like to inform all of the tourists that there is an ATM on each corner in Egypt spread in each Egyptian city through which you can withdraw the required amount of cash at any time you want in a very flexible way.

SIM Card: The majority of hotels in Egypt offer the service of Wi-Fi but you may want to use your internet inside your room or even outside while your tours so it is highly recommended to get a local SIM card upon your arrival and in Egypt, you will find that there are three different companies in Egypt for communication which are Vodafone, We, and Etisalat. Each one of these companies offers pre-paid packages that you can choose from right upon your arrival and this will make your stay in Egypt much more interesting.

Tipping: It is something known in Egypt that people who offer you services expect to have tips from your side and it mainly depends on you to decide whether to give them tipping or not. it is generally from 5% to 10% as a sign of good etiquette and respect across all the facilities. Language:

The official language in Egypt is “Arabic” but you will find out while being in Egypt that the majority of the Egyptian citizens have the ability to speak fluent English, and this will make it easier for you to contact them at any time.