Customize Your Egypt Tour with A Good Tour Operator Choosing a qualified travel agency while planning your tour in Egypt is really important as it all depends on your travel agency to have either the best tour ever or to have the worst experience. There are many points that should exist in your travel agency to make sure that you have chosen the best one and these points can be included in the following points: Their customer service. How professional they are in replaying your inquiries. Their rates. The arrangement and shape of their tour program. The Feedback of other travelers who have experienced tours with them. For how long they have been in the field of tourism. Do they provide all of the necessary information or make things unclear?? We have concentrated on all of these points when we chose our operation team so that our customers find a reply on every single inquiry they request at any time during the whole day in a very professional way and you will find after going through our guest’s reviews on Trip Advisor that we concentrate on the small details to complete the whole amazing picture of our guests after having a tour with us. We always choose the best tour guides and get the feedback of our guest’s day by day to keep updating our information about our tour guides, drivers, vehicles used in operating our tours, the choice of our hotels, Nile River Cruise, the timing of domestic flights, and all of the attached issues to arrange the best memorable tour for each of our guests.

Be Clear with Your Operators We as a travel agency that deals with hundreds of tourists daily while arranging and customizing Egypt tour packages and Nile River cruises for them would like to mention that being very clear with your tour operator assists a lot in the booking processes of your tour. Our tour operators have a lot of available ways of direct communication with the guests either in writing or via talking. So, if you found that there is something you would like to add, remove, or change about your itinerary before we start your booking procedures, it will be much appreciated if you let us know all of those details and we will work on everything for you step by step until we reach the most favorable program for you.