Egypt Location

Egypt is an African and Arabian country, located in a very unique location in North Africa and West Asia (Sinai Peninsula). Egypt bordered from the north by the Mediterranean Sea that separates it from Europe, from the east by Palestine, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba which separate Egypt from Jordan and Saudi Arabia, from the south by Sudan, and from the west by Libya.

Egypt Map Across the Ages

Egypt map transformed over the years as the borders kept expanding and shrinking over the centuries due to an evolution in the ancient Egyptian lives or occupation or colonization by a foreign force. The progress of the ancient Egyptian civilization can be traced back to the gifted placement that played a key role in shaping the entire civilization and history of ancient Egypt and attracted the eyes of neighboring countries.

Ancient Egypt Map

Life has existed in Egypt for 5000 years but in 3500 BCE many changes happened in Egypt on the Nile River banks. The ancient Egyptians attempted to control the flood of the Nile and create an advanced method of irrigation, dikes, and channels to develop the agriculture state. This led to prosperity and the construction of a hierarchy of officials who made achievements in management, architecture, mathematics, and many others. The unique location of Egypt led the Egyptian to rise its fullest potential after the unification of Egypt in 3000 BCE.

Ancient Egypt Map in the Arab Conquest

Ancient Egypt Map 750 AD Egypt stepped into a new age under the Arab conquest in 639 AD which granted the Egyptians the freedom of worship and therefore welcomed them as liberators than conquerors. The Egyptian society shifted rapidly as the Arabian presence who was only restricted in the newly constructed capital of Fustat.

Ancient Egypt Map Under the Fatimid

Rule Ancient Egypt Map 979 AD Under the Fatimid rule, Egypt went to many changes and was under the control of various governors who served under the ruler of caliph in Bagdad Iraq. The process of Arabization spread through Egypt and Arabic became the official language of the land. The Fatimid dynasty invested greatly in the agriculture of Egypt to boost the government’s tax revenues and the construction of many great constructions in Cairo like Amr Ibn Alas Mosque, Alazhar Mosque, and Ahmed Ibn Tulan Mosque that you can visit through Cairo day tours.

Ancient Egypt Map Under Saladin Ayyubib

Ancient Egypt Map 1215 AD The Fatimid were able to build a great empire based on trade through the Red Sea which made Egypt a great entrepot of long-distance maritime trade between east and west. Cairo became the chief cultural center of the Islamic world within the mid of the 12th century a Turkish general by the name Saladin who controlled the country in 1170 AD, build the marvelous Citadel of Cairo also took Jerusalem from the Crusaders in 1187 AD and his descendants took control after him.

Egypt Map Under Muhammad Ali Ancient

Egypt Map 1789 AD After the decline of the Ottoman Empire powerful in 1798 AD due to the rise of the European military forces so a Turkish general by the name Muhammad Ali Pasha all was sent to take control of the country but the other plans to create his own kingdom away from the crimpling ottoman rule by establishing hundreds of schools, build a powerful western-army to protect the borders of Egypt and modernizing the country in the year of 1837 CE. He was able to win Syria from the Ottoman Empire after putting a rebellion in Greece.

Egypt Map Today Egypt Map 2023AD

In our current day, the map and borders of Egypt are set and agreed on by the rest of the world after retrieving Sinia from Israel in 1973 under the rule of great leader Muhammad Anwer El Sadat. Egypt continued to act as a moderate state with authoritarian authority. In the following decades, Egypt constructed many resorts like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheik (The City of Peace) to highlight the natural beauty of the red sea Rivera. Egypt considers being one of the top tourism countries all across the world, so if you plan a trip to Egypt, then check our Egypt tour packages and Nile river cruise to enjoy your dream vacation.