Characteristics & Roles of Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses All the information that we are aware of is known by a number of works of art produced by a number of priests and scribes who acted as the highest elite of Egyptian society. Everything about the gods and goddesses acted as literal truth. The roles of the ancient Egyptian gods were fluid plus their characteristics shifted across time. Each one of the Egyptian deities had their own power and our list of gods is able to showcase what each one has represented in great detail. The deities could not reach beyond the boundaries of the domain that they have created and ruled. A form of demons and minor divinities were seen in a number of modern writings we see today. The demons were seen in places like Duat which is the realm of the dead that also held some of the most dangerous and disgusting beings in existence. The actions of the Egyptian gods were controlled by the principles of Maat which created and totally sustained every part of nature and all living things. Their force and influence came from their power in utilizing Heka also known as magic that was used to form the entire world and even the gods themselves. A number of funerary texts and hymns are able to showcase the actions of gods and their interactions with the ancient Egyptian deities plus they are the source for all the mythological records and stories of these celestial figures.

These mythological figures acted much like humans where they can drink, eat, fight, weep, feel emotion, sicken, and even die in some cases. Each deity had its own character and behavior. The battle of the ancient Egyptian gods served as a metaphor for the struggles and conflicts of human life and was used to explain the golden natural phenomena and the outer & inner workings of the universe. The myths of the deities in ancient Egypt were seen as metaphors for the gods’ actions. All the gods and goddesses were linked to specifics part of existence but sometimes their domains would collide. The gods & goddesses in ancient Egypt lived in many places across the sky and the underworld. The temples acted as the only means of communication between both parties. The spheres of the deity’s influence centered around a number of regions and towns. The names and epithets of the ancient Egyptian deities referred to their origins and roles plus every part of their main characteristics. The deities have many names that conveyed their true nature. The ancient Egyptian gods & goddesses were highly divided into female and male which was fundamental to all beings according to their belief. Most of the male gods held high status and were connected to ideas about creation and kingship while female Egyptian goddess was involved with helping humans.