List of Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Ancient Egyptian deities were an integral part of ancient Egyptian religion and were worshipped for millennia. Many of them ruled over natural and social phenomena, as well as abstract concepts. These gods and goddesses appear in virtually every aspect of ancient Egyptian civilization, and more than 1,500 of them are known by name. Many Egyptian texts mention deities’ names without indicating their character or role, while other texts refer to specific deities without even stating their name, so a complete list of them is difficult to assemble. The ancient Egyptian deities were the main component of the Egyptian religion where various abstract, natural, and social concepts & phenomena that were worshipped for endless millennia. Everyone has a role to play which became the foundation for the entire social and religious structure of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians worshipped these forces by making offerings and rituals so everyone can continue to survive under the principle of Maat and under the control of a divine deity. When Egypt was formed as the only independent state in 3100 BC, the Pharaoh took charge of these religious tasks and was seen as a representative of the gods, and managing these temples where all the rituals were done is his duty. The worship of the ancient Egyptian goddesses & gods continued all the way to 30 BC. The Egyptian language for these beings was “Nṯr” which means “God”, and its feminine form “Nṯrt” which means “Goddess” as described by a number of highly skilled Egyptologists. Each of the gods held their own cult and had their own district of the universe.

Here is a list of famous 100 ancient Egyptian gods & goddesses: 1. Amun “The Creator God” 2. Ra (Atum) “God of Sun” 3. Osiris “God of Justice” 4. Isis “Goddess of Motherhood” 5. Hathor “Goddess of Drunkenness” 6. Ma’at “Goddess of Balance” 7. Horus “God of Sky” 8. Anubis “God of Death” 9. Set “God of Deception” 10. Nephthys “Goddess of Funerals” 11. Nut “Goddess of Earth” 12. Shu “God of Air” 13. Tefnut “Goddess of Moisture” 14. Bastet “Goddess of Beauty” 15. Thoth “God of Intellect” 16. Ptah “God of Memphis” 17. Khonsu “God of Lunar” 18. Khnum “God of Potters” 19. Hapi “God of Fertility” 20. Sobek “God of the Nile” 21. Bes “God of Entertainment” 22. Tawaret “Goddess of Childbirth” 23. Neith “Goddess of Arrows” 24. Serket “Goddess of Scorpions” 25. Nekhbet “Goddess of Vultures” 26. Wadjet “Goddess of Kingship” 27. Kherty “God of the Underworld” 28. Nefertum “God of Perfume” 29. Renenutet “Goddess of Nursing” 30. Heka “God of Magic” 31. Aker “God of the Horizon” 32. Anhur “God of Hunting” 33. Aten “God of the Sun-Disk” 34. Bennu “The Phoenix God” 35. Geb “God of the Earth” 36. Khepri “God of the Beetle” 37. Montu “God of War” 38. Wadj-wer “God of Mediterranean Sea” 39. Nemty “God of Ferrymen” 40. Mut “Goddess of Soul Protection” 41. Sekhmet “Goddess of Destruction” 42. Neper “God of Grain” 43. Hu “God of Spoken Word” 44. Imhotep “God of Reasonable Thinking” 45. Sia “God of Thoughtfulness” 46. Menhit “Goddess of Warfare” 47. Mafdet “Goddess of Judgment” 48. Anuket “Goddess of Fertility” 49. Seshat “Goddess of Writing” 50. Meskhenet “Goddess of Childbirth” 51. Wepwawet “God of War & Hunting” 52. Min “God of Reproduction” 53. Resheph ” God of Plague” 54. Seker “Patron of the Living God” 55. Satis “Goddess of Hunting” 56. Babi “God of Aggression” 57. Nehebkau “Guardian of Souls God” 58. Dedun “God of Wealth” 59. Meretseger “Goddess of Thebes Necropolis” 60. Ammit “Devourer of Souls Goddesses” 61. Qebehsenuef “God of Falcon-headed” 62. Shai “God of Fate” 63. Serapis “God of Resurrection” 64. Nun “Goddess of Watery Abyss” 65. Sopdet “Goddess of Star Sirius” 66. Am-heh “Eater of Eternity God” 67. Qetesh “Goddess of Beauty & Love” 68. Wosret “Patroness of Thebes Goddess” 69. Ihy “God of Music & Joy” 70. Heket “Frog Goddess of Fertility” 71. Pachet “Goddess of War & Hunting” 72. Serqet “Goddess of Magic” 73. Iah “Moon God” 74. Tatenen “God of Fertility & Earth” 75. Tenenet “Goddess of Beer” 76. Anti “The Falcon God” 77. Arensnuphis “The Nubian God” 78. Ash “Oases & Western Desert God” 79. Banebdjedet “God of Fertility” 80. Ba-Pef “God of Evil & Misfortune” 81. Dedunet “Goddess of Textiles & Weaving” 82. Demeter “Goddess of Grain & Agriculture” 83. Duamutef “God of Stomach Guardian” 84. Anput”Goddess of Mummification” 85. Harsomtus “God of Sun Rebirth” 86. Hez-ur “God of Sistrum” 87. Ipy “Goddess of Funerary Cult” 88. Hedjhotep “God of Weaving & Clothing” 89. Maahes “The Lion God” 90. Mandulis “The Nubian Sun God” 91. Mehyt “Goddess of Justice & Execution” 92. Merty “The Cobra Goddess” 93. Shed “The Protective God of Harm” 94. Imhotep “God of Architecture & Sciences” 95. Kek & Kauket “Deities of Light & Darkness” 96. Bat “The Cow Goddess” 97. Hatmehit “Goddess of Fish & Water” 98. Heh “God of Infinity & Eternity” 99. Hesat “Goddess of Fertility & Milk” 100. Sopdu “God of Sky & Royal Power”