Tenenet “Goddess of Beer” was the wife of Montu during the Middle Kingdom along with Iunit. When Amun became the state god and was linked to Montu she was absorbed by Mut although she was still referred to in connection with Montu-Ra. Tjenenet grew more prominent during the Ramesside period of the New Kingdom, but thereafter declined into relative obscurity. She is sometimes confused or merged with the goddess Raet (also known as Raettawy) who was a female form of Ra, but as this association may be accidental as they are ocassionally depicted together. Tjenenet was a goddess of brewing and beer, and her name may have derived from the word “tenemu” meaning beer. She was depicted as a woman wearing the symbol of a cow’s uterus as a headdress, linking her with the goddess Meskhenet and associating her with royal births. was an ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth, protection, and beer. She is mentioned in texts dating from the Ptolemaic period as well as in the Book of the Dead.Tenenet was associated with childbirth and was invoked as the protector of the uterus for pregnant women. She was also the patron goddess of brewers.

Worship Her cult Centre was at Hermonthis. She was a consort of Monthu. She was later merged with Raet-Tawy, Isis and Iunit.