Shed “The Protective God of Harm” Shed is one of the lesser-known gods of ancient Egyptian mythology. He was originally worshiped as the god of war and chaos but was later associated with protection and defense. He was believed to be a powerful and ferocious deity who had the power to ward off evil and protect his followers from harm. According to the ancient mythology, Shed had the appearance of a man with the head of a canine. He was often depicted with a knife or a spear in his hand and was believed to be a formidable fighter. As the god of war, he was fiercely protective of his followers and was believed to be a guardian deity.

History Apart from being a god of war, Shed was also known to be a god of hunting. He was believed to be the patron of hunters and was often invoked by them to help them find their prey. As a god of the hunt, Shed was believed to be a skilled hunter himself and was often depicted holding game in his hands. While Shed was primarily a god of protection and defense, he was also thought to be capable of destruction and chaos. His association with war and hunting meant that he had a darker side, and he was often called upon by Egyptian warriors to help them defeat their enemies in battle.The ancient Egyptians often prayed to Shed for protection from harm, whether it was physical harm or harm to their crops or property. They believed that he was a powerful deity who could protect them from any kind of harm or danger.

Overall, Shed was a complex and powerful deity in ancient Egyptian mythology. He was a god of war, hunting, and protection, and was often called upon by the ancient Egyptians to help them in times of need. He was a fearsome and powerful deity who was respected and feared by all who knew of him.