Jet was a powerful and wealthy Egyptian ruler who lived during the New Kingdom period.

Jet was born around 1400 BCE and became Pharaoh of Egypt in 1390 BCE. He ruled for around 18 years, during which time he oversaw several major construction projects and military campaigns.

One of Jet’s most notable accomplishments was the construction of a new temple in Thebes. Which was dedicated to the god Amun. The temple was famous as the “Temple of the Millions of Years” and was one of the most impressive structures of its time.

Jet was also a successful military leader and led several campaigns against neighboring states. He was able to expand Egypt’s territory and increase its wealth and resources.

Despite his many accomplishments, Jet’s reign was not without its challenges. Egypt faced several economic and political crises during his time. He took measures to address these issues.

Jet died around 1320 BCE, and his son helped him to succeed, Amenhotep III. Despite his relatively short reign. Jet’s legacy lived on and he continued to be as one of the most powerful and successful pharaohs in Egyptian history.


Djet’s tomb is located at Abydos in Petrie’s Tomb Z. It is located west of his father, King Djer’s tomb. Surrounding Djet’s tomb are 174 subsidiary burials most of them being retainers that were sacrificed upon Djet’s death to serve him in the afterlife. Found within Djet’s tomb was a stele. This stele was a snake surmounted by a falcon (Horus) and could be interpreted to mean “Horus the snake”. Also found within the tomb was an ivory comb with the name of Djet on it, along with a picture of the stele.