Al Mahrousa Museum

The Al Mahrousa Museum in Egypt is a unique museum that showcases the marine and naval history of the country. The museum is located in the port city of Alexandria and has a rich collection of artifacts that date back to the Pharaonic era. It is housed in the oldest yacht of the Egyptian Navy, which also happens to be the oldest active presidential yacht in the world.

The Al Mahrousa yacht was built in 1865 for the Khedive Ismail Pasha and was originally named El Horreya. It was later renamed to Al Mahrousa, which means “the protected one” in Arabic, and has since served as the presidential yacht of Egypt. The yacht has witnessed many important events in the history of Egypt, including the Suez Canal opening ceremony, which was attended by international dignitaries.

The museum gives visitors a chance to explore the rich history of Egypt’s marine and naval heritage through its exhibits, which include models of ancient Egyptian ships, naval cannons, and navigational equipment. Visitors can also get a glimpse of the yacht’s luxurious interior, which features ornate decorations and period furniture.

One of the most fascinating exhibits at the museum is the collection of photographs and documents chronicling the yacht’s illustrious history, including its service as a hospital ship during World War I and its use as a presidential yacht during the reign of President Gamal Abdel Nasser. The yacht has also hosted several international leaders, including former US President Jimmy Carter. Due to its status as a historic ship, the Al Mahrousa requires regular maintenance to ensure its preservation for future generations. The museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to not only explore the rich maritime history of Egypt but also to contribute to its preservation.

In conclusion,

the Al Mahrousa Museum in Egypt is a unique and fascinating attraction that offers visitors insight into the country’s rich naval and maritime history. Its location on the oldest active presidential yacht in the world adds to its allure and makes it a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Egypt’s unique heritage.