Al Nayzak in Marsa Alam

Al Nayzak is an educational and scientific organization that aims to encourage and enhance the interest of young people in science and technology. Founded in 2002, Al Nayzak has organized various educational programs and activities in Egypt to expose students to science and technology. In Marsa Alam, Al Nayzak collaborated with the local school system to provide workshops and summer camps for students.

One of the successful programs initiated by Al Nayzak in Marsa Alam is the “Science and Technology Camp.” The camp is designed for students aged 12 to 17 who are intrigued by science and technology, as well as those seeking to learn about the universe. The main goal of this program is to introduce students to astronomy, space exploration, and the scientific method. During the camp, students gain hands-on experience in conducting scientific experiments. They are also introduced to different cultures and languages.

The Science and Technology Camp allows students to engage in various activities, such as stargazing, studying and observing the moon, and the sun’s movement. Participants also learn about environmental conservation, as they work with experts in ecology and marine biology. In addition to the camp, Al Nayzak also organized workshops on renewable energy, robotics, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The local school system in Marsa Alam has warmly welcomed Al Nayzak’s programs, as they provide unique and engaging experiences for students who typically lack exposure to scientific research. The students are eager to attend Al Nayzak’s summer camps each year and look forward to meeting other students who share their passion for science.

In conclusion,

Al Nayzak’s mission to promote science and technology in Marsa Alam has made a big impact on the development of young people’s curiosity and interest in science. By working closely with the local school system, Al Nayzak has extended its reach to more students in this area. The organization’s efforts have opened up doors to new knowledge and opportunities for young people in Marsa Alam and beyond.