What is the Naval unknown soldier ?

Alexandria Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial, Egyptians dedicated it to the unknown soldiers who lost their lives in the sea battles. Engineers finished the construction under the rule of Muhammed Ali of Egypt. Alexandria was the main naval base for his son Ibrahim Pasha’s expedition to Greece during the Greek War of Independence, that culminated in the Battle of Navarino.

Naval Unknown Soldier Memorial as seen from the shore of Alexandria

History of the Naval unknown soldier

Italian community built it in Alexandria as a kind of tribute to Khedive Ismail due to his great role in achieving a developmental and urban renaissance in Egypt during his reign between 1863 AD and 1879 AD and also as a kind of tribute to Egypt due to its hosting of the last king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III, after He deposed him and chose Alexandria to reside there, and his design was similar to the memorial of the Unknown Soldier in Venice Square in the Italian capital, Rome. Originally a memorial to Khedive Ismail, Italian residents of Alexandria built it .

This beautiful monument sits on Alexandria’s coastline, quite near to the city’s impressive library. Paying tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives. It’s a touching place to pause and reflect while strolling along Alexandria’s picturesque seaboard. Indeed, this monument is an architectural masterpiece that the hand of a creative artist created it .

The Naval Forces celebrate annually on October 21, the anniversary of the destruction by the Egyptian Naval Forces of the Israeli destroyer Eilat in front of the Port Said beach in 1967.


Its location is on the Alexandria Corniche near Mansheya Square. People can visit it throughout the week and at any time of the day or night. It is open permanently. In 1964 AD, the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser issued a republican decree to transform this place Into a monument to the unknown soldier of the naval forces and hand it over to it during the period of command of the first naval lieutenant general / Suleiman Ezzat, and the statue of Khedive Ismail was transferred to the Muharram Bey Museum of Fine Arts, then it is currently placed in the center of Khedive Ismail Square in Kom El Dikka in the city of Alexandria.