Amenhotep III was the ninth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt and the son of Thutmose IV and Queen Mutemwiya. He ruled from approximately 1388 to 1350 BCE. And was one of the most powerful and prosperous pharaohs of the New Kingdom.

During his reign, Amenhotep III continued the policies of his father and expanded the Egyptian empire even further. He led successful military campaigns against the Nubians and the Levant, solidifying Egypt’s control over these regions. He also constructed several important buildings and monuments.  Including the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III at Luxor and the Temple of the Goddess Aton at Karnak.

Amenhotep III was also famous for his architectural achievements, and he was responsible for the construction of several important temples and other buildings throughout Egypt. He was particularly into the construction of temples, and he commissioned several major projects, including the construction of the Temple of Amun at Karnak and the Temple of Ra at Heliopolis.

Amenhotep III was also a patron of the arts and a builder, and he commissioned numerous works of art and architectural projects. He was particularly interested in the construction of temples and other monumental structures, and he was responsible for the construction of several important temples throughout Egypt, including the Temple of Karnak in Thebes and the Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak.

Statue of Amenhotep III, British Museum


Amenhotep III was also famous for his diplomatic achievements. And he maintained strong relationships with other powerful kingdoms in the region, including the Hittites and the Mitanni. He also established trade relationships with other countries, including Greece and Syria.

Amenhotep III was succeeded by his son Akhenaten. Who introduced a new religion and artistic style that would come to be known as the Amarna Period. Amenhotep III’s legacy as a pharaoh is one of continued prosperity and expansion of the Egyptian empire. As well as his contributions to the arts and architectural achievements of ancient Egypt.