Ancient Egypt Bread

In fact, it was so important in Ancient Egypt that it was often referred to as the “staff of life.” It was eaten by people of all social classes. Ancient Egyptian bread was usually made with a type of yeast known as ‘barm’ or sourdough starter. In fact, this was mixed with the dough and allowed to ferment. Which made the bread lighter and more flavorful. There were many different types of bread made in Ancient Egypt. From simple round loaves to more complicated shapes like braids and knots. Some breads were made with added ingredients such as herbs, spices, honey, or even beer.

In fact, the bread was baked in special ovens called ‘tannours.’ Which were made of clay and heated by burning wood or charcoal inside. These ovens were typically located outside of people’s homes.  Everyone in the community would use them to bake their bread. In Ancient Egypt and was a staple in their diet. The bread in Ancient Egypt was made using a variety of grains. Including wheat, barley, and emmer. The grains were ground into flour using a quern stone or a hand mill.

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In fact, being a staple food, bread also had religious significance in Ancient Egypt. It was believed to have been created by the god Osiris himself.  It was often offered as a sacrifice to the gods. Many tomb paintings and reliefs show people making bread as part of their daily lives,.The bread was often included in funerary offerings for the deceased. The Ancient Egyptians also believed that the god Osiris had taught them how to make bread and that the bread had magical powers. Bread was often offered as a sacrifice to the gods, and it was believed that eating it brought good luck and health.

In fact,  there are still many different types of bread available in Egypt. Including traditional round loaves, flatbreads like ‘aish baladi,’. Sweet breads like ‘feteer meshaltet.’ Many Egyptian households still bake their bread at home. Using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Ancient Egypt Bread