Home and Shelter in Life in Ancient Egypt Home and shelter played a significant role in life in ancient Egypt. The climate in Egypt was hot, and housing was essential for protection against the sun’s harmful rays and other natural elements. The most common type of housing in ancient Egypt was made of mud bricks and reeds. The houses were built around a courtyard and had a flat roof, which kept the inside cool during the hot summers. Home and shelter were also significant because it provided a sense of community. Houses were built close to each other, forming a neighborhood, and residents helped each other in times of need. Some of the larger homes had servants and slaves to help with daily household tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

Generally, the houses were built close to the Nile River, which provided water for irrigating crops and drinking water. The houses were usually made from mud bricks that would dry in the sun and then be used to build the walls of the house. Roofs were made of palm leaves or reeds, which allowed for air to pass through and kept the inside cool in the hot Egyptian summers. Most homes in ancient Egypt were small and had only one or two rooms. The living quarters were generally located on the ground floor, while the bedrooms were on the upper level. There was also a central courtyard in the house, which was used for everyday activities, such as cooking, dining, and socializing. In addition to traditional homes, there were also more significant structures in ancient Egypt, such as temples and pyramids. These structures were built to honor the gods or commemorate important figures in Egyptian history. Some of these structures were ornamented with precious metals and minerals, such as gold and lapis lazuli.

The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, and tombs were seen as the ultimate form of shelter. Wealthy Egyptians built elaborate tombs for themselves and their families, complete with furniture, food, and even servants, to be used in the afterlife. These tombs were filled with riches and treasures, which were supposed to provide comfort for the deceased in the afterlife.

Overall, home and shelter played an essential role in ancient Egyptian life, providing protection from the environment, creating a sense of community, and serving as a final resting place for the deceased.