Murder in ancient Egypt

It was not an uncommon occurrence in ancient Egypt. Despite it being a civilization that was largely focused on peace and prosperity. The records show that there were several cases of murder in ancient Egypt. And the murderers were typically punished severely for their actions. One of the most famous cases of murder in ancient Egypt is that of the famous pharaoh, Ramses III.

The punishment of Murder

varied depending on the circumstances of the crime and the status of the offender. If the offender was a member of the ruling class. They could expect to receive a more lenient punishment than if they were a commoner. However, even members of the royal family were not exempt from punishment if they committed murder.


Murderers faced death or exile. The mode of execution varied – some were beheaded, while others were thrown to wild animals. Exile was also a common punishment, particularly for those who were close to the ruling class.

In conclusion

Ancient Egypt was not immune to this crime, despite its reputation as a peaceful and prosperous civilization. Nevertheless, the ancient Egyptians had a strong sense of justice, and murderers faced death for their crimes. The case of Ramses III is a good example of how even those at the very top of society were in charge of their actions.