Rashid museum in Beheira

The Rashid Museum in Beheira Egypt is a fascinating destination for anyone interested in the history and culture of ancient Egypt. Located in a charming 18th-century house in the town of Rashid, also known as Rosetta, the museum houses an eclectic collection of artifacts that chronicle the region’s rich and varied past.

One of the key highlights of the museum

is its collection of pharaonic reliefs and tombstones, which offer an insight into the lives of ordinary Egyptians thousands of years ago. Visitors can also explore a range of objects from the Islamic period, including copper utensils, brass lamps, ceramic bowls, and carved wooden doors. Another highlight of the museum is its display of traditional Egyptian textiles, including stunning examples of handwoven and embroidered fabrics, as well as detailed tapestries and carpets. Alongside these colorful textiles, visitors can also see a range of Egyptian pottery, including vessels and jars from the Pharaonic, Greek, and Roman periods.

Perhaps the most impressive exhibit at the Rashid Museum is its collection of ancient Egyptian coins and currency. This display includes coins dating all the way back to the early dynastic period and offers a fascinating insight into the economic history of the region.

Finally, visitors to the Rashid Museum can explore a range of traditional Egyptian crafts, including pottery, basket weaving, and leatherworking. These exhibits showcase the skills and techniques that have been passed down through generations of craftsmen and offer a glimpse into the vibrant, creative culture of the region.


the Rashid Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the art, history, and culture of ancient Egypt. Its diverse collection of artifacts and exhibits offers a comprehensive overview of the region’s rich and varied heritage and is sure to fascinate and inspire visitors of all ages.

Rashid museum in Beheira
Rashid museum in Beheira