Stanley (Arabic: ستانلى) is a neighborhood near the city centre of Alexandria. The area is most famous for the iconic Stanley Bridge on the corniche , as well as its private-access beach.

Stanley bridge history

Stanley Bridge is the first bridge in Egypt that someone thought to construct it over the sea. They built it in the late 1990s over Stanley bay. It is considered by many to be a major part of the reconstruction and decoration of Alexandria beach. The bridge preserves the architectural style of the famous and cosmopolitan Egyptian city, and became another landmark in the Mediterranean sea city after its inauguration in 2001.

It is 400 meters long and 30 meters wide, it has four towers designed in the Islamic style, to compliment the royal palace in Al Montazah, The Bridge was built with the aim of enlarging the Alexandria beachside, as the narrow two-way street by the walk was suffering from too much traffic

Egyptians named the Stanley Bridge for the neighborhood and bay that engineers built it over. The government inaugurated the bridge in 2001 and has a total length of .38 miles (400 meters) with 6 spans. They designed it in an Islamic style to compliment the royal Montazah Palace which is located some distance away. stanley

It is open to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic; vehicle traffic flows westbound, in one direction only. people admired as they drove across – it is a pretty Alexandria landmark!

While walking along Stanley Bridge, you will see fishermen line up on the Bridge waiting for their catch of the day, it constitutes a major part of the reconstruction and decoration of Alexandria corniche.

 The view and the fresh air, perfect spot for pictures. I recommend walking and seeing the beautiful scenery on the bridge. If you are planning to take a ride on a horse chariot , then Stanley bridge is the place .