um Kulthum Museum

Um Kulthum was one of the most prominent female singers and musicians in the Arab world. She was born in Egypt and enjoyed an illustrious career that spanned several decades. Today, the Um Kulthum Museum in Cairo is dedicated to preserving and celebrating her legacy. The museum is located in Zamalek, a neighborhood in central Cairo that is known for its artistic and cultural attractions. It was inaugurated in 2001 by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and has since become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

The museum is housed in a beautiful old building that was originally designed as a palace for a wealthy Egyptian family. It features several exhibition halls that showcase different aspects of Um Kulthum’s life and career. Visitors can see her personal belongings, including her stage costumes, jewelry, and musical instruments. There are also rare photographs and recordings of her performances, as well as interviews with people who knew her personally.

One of the most impressive features of the museum is the large concert hall that is named after Um Kulthum. It can accommodate up to 400 people and is often used for musical performances and other cultural events. The hall is decorated with beautiful murals depicting scenes from Um Kulthum’s life and career. In addition to its permanent exhibitions, the Um Kulthum Museum also hosts temporary exhibitions on different topics related to music and culture. These events attract a diverse range of visitors and help to promote cultural understanding and exchange.


the Um Kulthum Museum is a testament to the life and legacy of one of Egypt’s most beloved musicians. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in music, culture, and history.