About Abu Galum

Abu Galum Reserve , a multi-purpose nature reserve. The reserve is in the South Sinai Governorate in Egypt , overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba on the road between Sharm El Sheikh and Taba in an area called Wadi Al Rasasa . It was famous as a protected area by virtue of the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 1511 of 1992 amended by Resolution No. 33 of 1996. It is characterized by a special topography in which the mountains approach the beaches The reserve is also famous for the existence of an underwater cave system that extends to depths of more than 100 meters, but it is unstable.

General description 

Abu Gallum area has to the north by the line connecting Sharm el Sheikh – Taba intersection with Wadi AlRasasa . And at a depth of 3-5 km from the line of the coral reefs to the east, and to the valley of Tell Al-Murrah in Jabal Al-Jamra. Until it meets Sharm El Sheikh – Taba Road in the south. It has to the west by Sharm el Sheikh – Taba Road . The area of ​​the reserve is about 500 km2.

Ecosystem diversity 

The reserve contains diverse ecosystems of coral reefs , marine organisms, seaweed , lagoons, desert and mountain ecosystems.

The mountains and valleys teem with animals , birds and wild plants . The protected area includes about 165 species of plants. Of which 44 species are only in this region, which makes it a great tourist attraction.