Egypt Since the moment of creation, a mysterious land with ever more mysterious people chooses to change the way of life and drive humanity into a new age of evolution and advances for the purpose of creating heaven on earth. Egypt is a true miracle by all standards that we’re able to stand the test of time and chase the horizon of enlightenment. Egypt is truly blessed in every shape and form from geographical position to natural recourses that we’re able to build an immortal civilization the changed the course of time and innovated to the highest level until they were able to catch the stars with their bare hands.

Overview About Egypt History Egypt is without a doubt of the greatest civilization ever created with a history that dates back to 8000 BC years, but all the glory is focused on the last 5170 years when Egypt took its first step and became a unified country under the rule of one king called Menes or Narmer, the founder of the first dynasty. Through the years, Egypt established her repudiation as a powerful kingdom thanks to the annual Nile River flood that acted as the bloodstream and the life bringer of Egypt as the ancient Greek historian Herodotus stated: “Egypt is the Gift of the Nile” which started an agriculture evolution that provided great wealth which acted as fuel for future immortal projects. For the next three millennia, many great pharaohs of strong men and women worked on driving the country to new heights of wealth and power like Queen Hatshepsut, king Ramsess the great, and more. During this time many great monuments all over the county were constructed and countless beautiful artifacts were created to protect their achievements from oblivion and immortalize their legacy for many generations to come like the great pyramids of Giza, the sphinx, the Abu Simbel temple, Karnak temple, valley of the kings and many more. After the end of the last native dynasty by the hand of the Persians in 341 BC and soon enough came the Greek, Romans, and Byzantines then came the Coptic era and finally came the Arabs led by Amr Ibn Alas who introduced the religion of Islam and the current language Arabic during the 7th century under the leadership of the Mamluks and the Fatimid who filled the city of Cairo with countless mosques and schools such as Al-Azhar which was the second-largest university in history. The country then became under the rule of the Ottoman Empire in 1517 until the empire fell and the country under British rule in 1882 until it gained its independence in 1922.