About Oyun Mousa

Oyun Mousa (“Moses Springs”, عيون موسى), found 20 km south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel in South Sinai, are a collection of fresh water springs said to be those in the area referred to as Elim in Exodus 15:27. This would be where Moses went with the Israelites during the Israelite Exodus after he threw a tree branch. Into the bitter springs of Marah, making them sweet enough to drink(Exodus 15:25).[

In fact,The springs are located on the main Suez to Sharm el Sheikh road behind a Bedouin village settlement of the same name.

Moussa’s Eyes (Egypt)



In fact,There is a historical problem in determining the time period to which these wells belong. It is famous that they date back in their current form to the Byzantine era. People constructed the wells of local limestone, which is very poor and requires constant maintenance and restoration.

Today, there are only five of these twelve springs . As the rest of the springs people buried them due to lack of attention and maintenance. Which led to the spread of algae and reed trees. A sign is there next to each spring with the name of the spring and its depth.

The local Bedouins gave many names to the discovered wells, such as: (Bir Al-Zahr). And the sea well, the western well, Al-Shayeb well, Al-Sheikh well, Al-Saqiya well, and Al-Baqqaqa well),  and water currently only comes out of one spring, which is Al-Sheikh well, and the average depth of the eyes is about 40 feet, and a project is underway to develop and beautify these eyes, as the surrounding area will be planted And restoring the remaining springs and building an exhibition next to them containing the antiquities found in this place.