Egyptian Opera House, located in Cairo, is a stunning architectural masterpiece that has captivated audiences for decades. The building, which the Italian architect Mario Rossi designed, is an impressive example of Art Deco architecture, featuring intricate details and ornate designs.

The Opera House was built in the 1980s, and since then it has become a beloved landmark in Egypt. It hosts a wide range of performances, including opera, ballet, and classical music concerts. The acoustics of the theater are also exceptional, making it a popular venue for international performers and musicians.

The Opera House has been the site of many memorable performances over the years. One of the most notable was a concert by renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma, which was attended by thousands of people. Another notable performance was a ballet production of “The Nutcracker,” which was performed by the Bolshoi Ballet and drew crowds of enthusiastic fans.

In addition to its cultural significance, the Opera House is also an important economic driver for Egypt. It provides jobs for local artists and technicians, and it attracts tourists from around the world.


Overall, the Egyptian Opera House is a true gem of the country, offering a wide range of performances and cultural experiences to its audiences. Whether you’re a fan of opera, ballet, or classical music, there’s something for everyone at this magnificent venue.

Venues and facilities

The Cairo Opera Complex consists of seven theaters, a music library, an art gallery and a museum.

The Roman theatre, Alexandria district.
  • The Main Hall seats 1,200 people and has four levels, including orchestra seating, three tiers and a presidential box. It is for operas and orchestra and ballet performances.
  • The Small Hall seats up to 500 people on a single floor, is for chamber music and recitals and can double as a very large reception hall for important events.
  • El Gomhouria Theatre is an exquisite theater near Abdeen Royal House. It is under the administration of the Cairo Opera House.
  • The Alexandria Opera House or Sayed Darwish Theatre