The Agricultural Museum is a museum in Cairo, Egypt.

History and profile

The Palace of Princess Fatima, the daughter of Khedive Ismail, was chosen to be remodeled to house the museum, and construction of the museum started in November 1930. During the planning of the museum the director of Hungary’s Royal Agricultural Museum directed the work. A Hungarian national, Ivan Nagy, was the first director of the museum which opened in 1938. It was the first agricultural museum in the world (after the Hungarian museum).

The museum made up of separate museums. Such as, the museum of Ancient Egyptian agriculture. In addition to, museum of scientific models, museum of plant wealth, Syria museum, the Greek, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic museum; and the cotton museum. In addition to the museum buildings there are also gardens with trees and rare plants and greenhouses.


Description of the Agricultural Museum

The Agricultural Museum is a fascinating institution. Dedicated to showcasing the history and development of agriculture in Egypt. The museum is located in the heart of Cairo, and it offers a unique glimpse into the ways in which farmers and agricultural workers have contributed to the development of the country over the centuries.

Upon entering the museum, visitors are with a series of exhibits that showcase the different tools and techniques used in agriculture throughout history. From ancient plows and hoes to modern tractors and irrigation systems, the museum offers a fascinating look at the evolution of farming practices.

One of the most interesting exhibits is the replica of an ancient Egyptian farm. The farm is a meticulous recreation of what life was like for farmers in ancient Egypt, and it provides a unique insight into the ways in which they worked and lived.

The museum also features a number of interactive exhibits.  Allow visitors to learn more about the history of agriculture in Egypt. For example, visitors can try their hand at using some of the traditional farming tools and techniques, used in ancient times.

Overall, the Agricultural Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the history and development of agriculture in Egypt. With its fascinating exhibits and interactive displays. It is a truly immersive experience that is sure to captivate visitors of all ages.