The Church of St. George (Greek: Εκκλησία Αγίου Γεωργίου; Arabic: كنيسة القديس جورج) is a Greek Orthodox church within the Babylon Fortress in Coptic Cairo. It is part of the Holy Patriarchal Monastery of St George under the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa. The church dates back to the 10th century (or earlier). Engineers rebuilt the current structure following a 1904 fire. Construction finished in 1909. Since 2009, the monastery’s hegumen has had the rank of bishop with title Bishop Babylonos (“Bishop of Babylon”).

Saint George Greek Orthodox Church
Church of St. George


Description and history of the Church of St. George

The Church of St. George is a historic Coptic Orthodox church in Old Cairo. It is one of the oldest churches in the region. People knew it for its unique architectural style and beautiful murals.

In the 11th century, the Church of St. George was restored and became an important center of Coptic Orthodox worship. It is named after St. George, a Christian martyr who is considered a patron saint of it.

In fact, it is famous for its unique architectural style, which includes a combination of Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic elements.

The church’s interior is with beautiful murals and icons, many of which date back to the 12th century. These murals depict scenes from the Bible and Christian history and are some of the finest examples of Coptic art.

Today, it is a popular tourist attraction and is open to visitors who wish to explore its history and architecture. It is also an important place of worship for the Coptic Orthodox Church and for religious services and ceremonies.

Overall, the Church of St. George is a unique and fascinating cultural landmark. It offers a glimpse into the rich history and cultural heritage of Old Cairo.