Djet was the second pharaoh of the First Dynasty.Which was the earliest period of ancient Egyptian history. He is believed to have ruled around 2925 BCE, His reign is thought to have lasted for around 18 years.

 In fact, Djet was famous for his military campaigns. Which helped to expand the territory of ancient Egypt and establish its power in the region. He is also believed to have introduced new administrative structures and institutions. Which helped to centralize power and improve governance.

One of Djet’s most significant accomplishments was the construction of a new capital city, known as Nekhen. This city was located near the Nile Delta and served as the center of government for the First Dynasty.

 In fact, Djet was also famous for his support of the arts and culture. He has commissioned several works of art. Including statues and reliefs. Which were created to honor him and his achievements.

Despite his many accomplishments, Djet’s reign was not without its challenges. He faced several military threats from neighboring states, and he took measures to defend the borders of ancient Egypt.

Djet died around 2795 BCE, and his son Qa’a helped him to succeed. Despite his relatively short reign. Djet’s legacy lived on and he continued to be as one of the most important pharaohs in Egyptian history.


Djet’s queen was his sister Merneith. Who may have ruled as a pharaoh in her own right after his death.There is a possibility that a woman known as Ahaneith was also one of his wives. Djet and Merneith’s son was Den, and their grandson was Andejib.