Facts About Ancient Egyptian Medicine

1. In fact, Ancient Egyptian medicine was based on a combination of magic and practical medicine. 2. The Egyptians believed that illnesses were caused by an imbalance in the body. 3. Medicine in Ancient Egypt was primarily practiced by priests.4. The Egyptians had a vast knowledge of herbs and plants and used them to create medicines, ointments, and potions.

5. In fact, Surgery was also there  in Ancient Egypt. With evidence of successful surgeries recorded in hieroglyphics. 6. The Egyptians also believed in the power of amulets and talismans to heal and protect against illnesses. 7. They practiced embalming and mummification, which involved the use of various herbs and chemicals to preserve the body.

8. In fact, the Ebers Papyrus, written in the 16th century BC, is one of the oldest and most extensive medical texts in existence, containing over 700 remedies. 9. Ancient Egyptian medicine was highly advanced for its time and has influenced modern medical practices. 10. Many of the medical practices and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians were good by their religious beliefs, with the gods playing a significant role in their healing practices.

More facts

11. In fact, the Egyptians were good at diagnosis. Using patient examination, observation, and medical charts to keep track of illnesses and treatments. 12. They recognized many diseases that are commonly here today. Such as diabetes, tuberculosis, and heart disease. 13. One of the most famous Egyptian medical procedures was trepanation, which involved drilling holes in the skull to relieve pressure or treat head injuries.

14. In fact, the Egyptians were also good at dentistry. Using primitive drills and tools to remove cavities and perform dental surgery. 15. Women played a significant role in ancient Egyptian medicine, with many of them serving as midwives and nurses. 16. The Egyptians had a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, accurately identifying many organs and their functions. 17. They also believed in the power of music and sound to heal, using chanting and vocalizations as part of their healing rituals.

18.In fact,  the Egyptian medical system was highly organized and standardized. With medical schools and a clear hierarchy of medical professionals. 19. Despite their knowledge and expertise, the Egyptians still had many superstitions and relied heavily on magic and religion as part of their healing practices. 20. The legacy of Ancient Egyptian medicine can still be today in many modern medical practices, including surgery, pharmacology, and medical education.