Doctors in Ancient Egypt

Doctors in Ancient Egypt were highly has good individuals. They were famous as “swnw” or “swnwty”. Which means “healer” or “physician”. They were highly professionals. Who were knowledgeable in the areas of herbal remedies, surgery, and dentistry. The training of the doctors in ancient Egypt usually took place in specialized schools. For a period that lasted between two and seven years. The curriculum included the study of anatomy, pathology, and surgery. As well as a thorough knowledge of plant medicines. They were at the usage of surgical instruments. including scalpels, forceps, saws, and spoons. They were also experts in setting broken bones, extracting teeth, and performing caesarean sections.

The doctors in ancient Egypt

They had a sacred responsibility to care for their patients with compassion and humility. They believed that the health of the body was intimately connected to the health of the soul, and that a person’s well-being depended on being in harmony with the natural world. In order to maintain their expertise. They would often exchange ideas and information with other doctors in the region and were valued members of society.

Medicines used by ancient Egyptian doctors were primarily derived from plants. Such as aloe vera, chamomile, and garlic. They also used honey, beer, and wine as remedies for various ailments. One of the most famous physicians in ancient Egypt was Imhotep, who served as the chief medical officer for King Djoser during the Third Dynasty. He was also a skilled architect and administrator.


They played a crucial role in the well-being of the people and their knowledge and practices have had a lasting impact on the field of medicine.