Magic in Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Magic played a significant role in ancient Egyptian medicine. The Egyptians believed that diseases happened by evil spirits.  Ancient Egyptian medicine was a combination of science, religion, and magic. Physicians were in various medical procedures.  They also had to be knowledgeable in amulets, charms, and spells. The ancient Egyptians also believed in the power of dream interpretation. Dreams were famous to be messages from the gods and could reveal the cause of an illness. Physicians were in the interpretation of dreams and often used them to diagnose and treat illnesses.

One of the most famous medical texts from ancient Egypt is the Ebers Papyrus. This document contains various remedies that were used to treat different illnesses. These remedies often involved the use of magical spells and incantations. For example, one remedy for toothache involved the use of a magical spell that was recited while rubbing a mixture of herbs on the affected tooth. Likewise, the Edwin Smith Papyrus, another ancient Egyptian medical text, describes various surgical procedures.

The use of amulets was also prevalent in ancient Egyptian medicine. Amulets were believed to have magical properties that could protect the wearer from evil spirits and illnesses. Amulets in the shape of animal figures were especially popular. As they were famous to embody the power and resilience of the respective animals.

In conclusion

magic played a significant role in ancient Egyptian medicine. Physicians were not only  in medical procedures but had to be adept in the use of amulets, charms, and spells. Magic happened to ward off evil spirits believed to cause diseases, and surgical procedures were accompanied by spells and incantations to ensure successful outcomes.