In fact, Nabi Daniel is not popular among the Muslims globally. The present Nabi Daniel mosque Alexandria built at the end of the 18th century. It restored in 1823 by Mohammad Ali. A smaller shrine preexisted on the site. It maybe was the mosque of Dzoul Karnein – the Sire with the two horns -. In fact, Nabi Daniel mosque Alexandria contains the remains of the scholar and venerated teacher Prophet Daniel. It also has his companion Sidi Lokman el Hakim, a religious story teller. The Arab legend of the Prophet Daniel appeared during the 9th century He told by two astronomers: Mohammad Ibn Kathir el Farghani and Abou Ma’shar. It mentioned that “a young Jew, Daniel persecuted and chased from Syria.

It was by the idolaters whom he tried to convert. Moreover, an old man appeared in a dream urging him to go to war. The war was against the infidels and promising victory over all Asia. In fact . Nabi Daniel acquired many followers in Egypt. It is where he sought refuge and built Alexandria. Obeying what the old man ordered him in his dream, he made war against the infidels. After a successful expedition, he returned to Alexandria and died of old age. Furthermore, his body placed in a golden sarcophagus inlaid with precious stones. But the Jews stole it to mint coins and replaced it with a stone sarcophagus. Further details about Nabi Daniel mosque Alexandria: Vassili Grigorovich Barskij, visited Alexandria in 1727 and 1730.

In fact, he was Russian monk. He made a plan of the city. Near the Kom el Dekka mound, he drew a small Mohammedan shrine. It could be the predecessor of the Nabi Daniel mosque Alexandria. We cannot refer to his written description of the city.

Description of Nabi Daniel mosque

The Nabi Daniel Mosque is a stunning mosque in Nabi Daniel street in Moharram Bek Alexandria, Egypt. It is named after the biblical prophet Daniel, who is revered by both Muslims and Christians.people knew the mosque for its beautiful architecture, intricate tilework, and stunning calligraphy on its walls, which showcase the rich cultural heritage of Egypt.

The mosque was built in the 19th century, and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful mosques in Alexandria. Its unique design and intricate details make it a popular tourist destination, and visitors from all over the world come to admire its beauty. The mosque is surrounded by lush green gardens, which add to its serene and peaceful atmosphere.

The interior of the mosque is equally beautiful, with its high ceilings, intricate arches, and beautiful chandeliers. The walls are decorated with beautiful calligraphy, which quotes verses from the Quran and other important Islamic texts. The mosque can accommodate up to 1,000 worshipers, who can pray in the main prayer hall or in one of the many smaller prayer rooms that are located throughout the mosque.

Visitors to the Nabi Daniel Mosque are welcome to enter and admire its beauty, but it is important to dress modestly and respect the mosque’s religious significance. The mosque is open to visitors throughout the week, and visitors are encouraged to explore its many nooks and crannies and learn more about the rich cultural heritage of Egypt.