Safiya Zaghloul was a prominent Egyptian politician and women’s rights activist. She was born on February 14, 1904, in Alexandria, Egypt. Her father, Mustafa Fahmi, was a prominent lawyer and politician who played a key role in the country’s struggle for independence. Her mother, Malak Halaq, was a member of the National Council of Women.

Safiya’s early life was shaped by her family’s political activism. She was educated at home by her father, who instilled in her a strong sense of justice and equality. She went on to study at the American University in Cairo, where she earned a degree in economics.

After graduation, Safiya became actively involved in politics. She joined the Women’s Political Association, which her mother had helped found in 1923. The association belonged promoting women’s rights and political participation. Safiya served as its secretary and later as its president.

In 1933, Safiya became one of the founders of the Egyptian Feminist Union. The union was the first feminist organization in the country and aimed to achieve full political rights for women. Safiya served as its president until 1940.

During World War II, Safiya worked with the Egyptian government to establish the Women’s Volunteer Corps. The corps provided vital support to the war effort, including nursing, transportation, and communication services.

After the war, Safiya continued to be an active advocate for women’s rights. She was a founding member of the Egyptian Democratic Party, which started in 1947. She served as the party’s secretary-general and later as its vice president.

Safiya was also a member of the Egyptian parliament from 1950 to 1952. She was the only woman in the parliament during that time and was a vocal advocate for women’s rights and social justice.


Despite her many accomplishments, Safiya faced many challenges as a woman in a male-dominated society. She was often dismissed or ignored by male politicians and faced discrimination in the political arena. However, she remained committed to her cause and continued to fight for women’s rights throughout her life.

Safiya passed away on March 14, 1986, at the age of 82. Her legacy lives on through the many women who continue to fight for gender equality and political participation in Egypt and around the world. She is famous as a trailblazer and a champion of human rights.