Temple of Beit al-Wali

Behind the temple of Kalabshah is the third reconstructed temple, the Temple of Beil al-Wili. It is the earliest of the three and the most
interesting. This was situated slightly NW of Kalabshah and was partly rock-cut. The modem Arabic name means House of the
Governor. Messuy, viceroy of Kush, had this temple constructed for Ramesses II. Originally the temple was joined ‘to the river by a long
causeway but this has not been reconstructed, as it was lost with the building of the old Aswan Dam. The temple consists of a mud-brick gate leading into an outer court, from which three doors open into the rock-cut interior. The vestibule has two fluted columns, with the titles of the king, and two statue niches. Beyond this is the sanctuary, also with a statue niche against the back wall. Ramesses performs purification ceremony. Ramesses and sons in chariots charge Nubians, and receives tribute including leopards, giraffes, bulls, ostriches, ivory and gold and prisoners. The king trampling on Asiatics, attacks fortress, charges Asiatics and Libyans in chariot, an attack on a Syrian
fort, receiving Syrian spoils.The king recounts his conquests to Amun-Rec. The king kneels with water before Khnum (destroyed). Royal titles.

Temple of Beit al-Wili.
Temple of Beit al-Wili.

The king running with hap and oar before Amun-Rec, receives life from Khnum, and Mut. Messuy, viceroy of Kush, kneeling to Seti I. The king embraced by Horus of Mi’am and receives life from Atum. The king smites Nubia, Libya and Syria before Amun-Rec. The king followed by Hathor offers incense and libations to Horus of Buben and Isis as scorpion goddess. Niche, three statues of the king between Horus of Baki and Isis with titles. The king offers Ma’ at to Amun-Rec. The king followed by Anuket offers wine. Niche, three statues, the king between Khnum and Anuket, with titles. The king offers wine to Amun-Rec. Double scene, the king before Amun-Rec, offers Ma’at, wine and bread to Amun-Rec, Sokar, Horus of Baki. The king embraced by Satet. The king suckled by Isis. The king offers libations and wine to Horus of Baki and Amun-Rec. The king suckled by Anuket. The king taken by Satet and Khnwn, the king offers to Amun-Rec. Ptah. Niche with three statues (destroyed). Beyond New Kalabshah the road runs SW into the desert to (lOkm) Aswan Airport.