The Golden Mummies Valley

In kilo 6 Bahariya and Farafra Oasis road, Dr. Zahi Hawas succeeded in discovering the golden mummies valley with 250 mummies, dating back to the first and second centuries AD when Egypt was under Roman rule. These discovered mummies show the continuity of the Egyptian religion during this period, despite the existence of the Greek and Roman beliefs of the ruling class, which in turn were influenced by the ancient Egyptian religion. Most of these mummies were discovered with gilded masks and chests decorated with hieroglyphic inscriptions and religious drawings (Hawass, Z. A., 2000).

New Vision for Bahariya Oasis as A culture heritage site: 

According to UNESCO World Heritage Sites List that Egypt has seven Heritage Sites listed, on the other hand, there are 33 heritage sites on the tentative list tell now (Centre, 2018). Bahariya Oasis is on the tentative list of Egypt. It is a rich place in Cultural and Natural
Heritage. Tourism is a new and important source of income for locals, and it has brought an international presence to the Oasis, therefore it is essential to know How to market this site and benefit from its treasures, this will be definitely by different steps as follow Put Bahariya Oasis on the global Egyptian tourism map: Tourism is a new and important source of income for locals, and it has brought an international
presence to the Oasis (Bliss, F., 2006). According to the Egyptian tourism map, Bahariya Oasis is not from the priority of the tourism companies in their plans, it must be our priority because the Egyptian Oasis will be our future of tourism for many Cultural, social and economic reasons.

Focusing on the importance of Oasis in our educational curricula:

Our Curricula in Egyptian has to have a full data about our cultural heritage sites including Bahariya Oasis, these will increase the community awareness toward our heritage and create some kind of continuity between the past, the present and the future for the other generations

Establishing a public railway station:

The Baharia Military Railway was built to provide access to the Oasis through the World WarI but after the increasing number of people in Bahariya, it needs to a regular public railway todecrease the time and serve the future of tourism in the Oasis, especially that the Oasis is not
far from Cairo like the other Oasis in the western desert. Also, this line will serve the trade in this Oasis, this will also increase the national income of Egypt in the future