What did the Holy Family do in Egypt?

They began their journey from northern Sinia until they reached Farama. The places in which the holy family stayed, have been chosen to build churches and monasteries. The holy family then headed to Tel Basta when Jesus blessed the land. Which caused a water spring to explode from the ground. The next stop was Mostorod, also known as el Mahamaah which means the bathing place. The town had a name where Virgin Mary bathed in child Jesus and washed his clothes.

They then headed to Belbeis where they sat under the shadow of a sycamore tree. Which was famous as the Virgin Mary’s Tree. When the holy family crossed the Nile to the city of Samanoud, Jesus while in Sakha touched stone then water started to thrust out from it. The holy family then made their way all the way to the Valley of Natroun in the westward of Egypt. Natroun valley is very famous as monasticism’s first home on earth to practice chastity and meditating God.

One of the places that the Holy Family

Allegedly visited was the city of Cairo, where they stayed for a period of time. It is famous that they may have also visited other areas in the Nile Delta. Such as the city of Belbeis, where they were welcomed by the inhabitants and given shelter. The family is also famous to have traveled to the Sinai Peninsula. Where they stayed for several months. It is famous that they visited Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, and that Joseph worked as a carpenter while they were in the area. Additionally, according to legends, the Holy Family is famous to have encountered various miracles during their time in Egypt, including a healing of the sick child and the web-spinning spider that protected them from danger.


the Holy Family’s time in Egypt was likely spent seeking refuge and trying to establish a new life far away from the dangerous situation they had left behind in Bethlehem.