Where did the Holy Family stay in Egypt?

There are several locations in Egypt . That are believed to have been visited by Jesus, Mary, and Joseph during their exile. Including modern-day Cairo, Sinai, and Upper Egypt. Coptic Christians believe that the Holy Family stayed in several places in Egypt, including the Wadi Natrun. The Tree of Virgin Mary in Matariya,. The Monastery of Saint Catherine in Sinai, and the town of Al-Muharraq in Upper Egypt. However, these claims are mostly based on tradition and folklore rather than historical evidence.

Why the Holy Family came to Egypt?

According to the Bible. The Holy Family came to Egypt because an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. She warned him of King Herod’s plan to kill all male infants in Bethlehem in an attempt to kill the newborn Jesus. Whom he perceived as a threat to his reign. Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt with their young son Jesus to escape Herod’s wrath and remained there until the king died. This event is commonly referred to as the Flight into Egypt.

When did the Holy Family return from Egypt?

According to the Bible (Matthew 2:19-23), after the death of King Herod. An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in Egypt . She told him to take Mary and Jesus back to Israel. They returned to their hometown of Nazareth, but it is not specified exactly when this happened.

How many years was the Holy Family in Egypt?

The holy family crossed 26 locations throughout the county as they sought out a refuge during their three and a half years of hiding.They  started their quest through northern Sinai. Where they entered Egypt. The holy family kept consistently changing their location in order to avoid the reach of Herod’s spies.

Where Did the Holy Family Live in Egypt?

The first main city they crossed was Farama a.k.a ancient Pelusium which hold a first-century church that was built after the introduction of Christianity by st. Mark. This place also holds many churches and monasteries from the old and modern era. They ventured to Mostorod a.k.a el Mahamaah (The Bathing Place) where the Virgin Mary bathed Jesus in and washed his clothes. In the north of Cairo the next destination was a small town near Mostorod, “Tel Basta”. Where Jesus blessed the land causing a water spring to well up from the ground.

The third stop was “Belbeis” where they sat under the shades of a sycamore tree. Which later became known as the “Virgin Mary’s Tree”. The holy family crossed the Nile to the city of Samanoud.  Then the city Sakha is also known as ‘Peka-Issous’ “The Foot of Jesus” . Which is inspired by a rock with a relief of baby Jesus foot on it. Wadi El Natroun was also on their route which later became the home to many monasteries reflecting the well-preserved Coptic art.