Fustat Traditional Crafts Center is a beautiful and historic place located in Fustat, Egypt. The center was established with the aim of preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of Egypt, particularly its traditional crafts.

At Fustat Traditional Crafts Center, visitors can witness the traditional techniques used by skilled artisans to create beautiful handicrafts, including pottery, textiles, and jewelry. The center is a treasure trove of cultural artifacts and artworks, and it’s a great place to learn about the rich history and traditions of Egypt.

Fustat traditional crafts center


The center is also home to a vibrant community of artisans and craftspeople dedicated to preserving and passing on their skills and knowledge to future generations. Visitors can watch the artisans at work and learn about the intricate details of their craft, from the selection of materials to the final touches that bring their creations to life. It is famous for producing porcelain and pottery since 641 AD.

Fustat Traditional Crafts Center is not just a place to appreciate beautiful artworks. It’s also a platform for social and economic empowerment. The center provides training and employment opportunities to local artisans. Enabling them to earn a living while preserving their cultural heritage.

Overall, anyone interested in learning about the rich cultural heritage of Egypt must visit the destination. Also, for anyone who wants to support the preservation of traditional crafts and artworks. Whether you’re a tourist, or just someone who loves art and culture, this center has something for everyone.

The 2,400 meter squared structure has workshops, lecture halls, dormitories, exhibition galleries, glazing studios, offices, a multi-purpose auditorium. In addition to, artist guest rooms, all focused on a succession of open air courtyards. With the exception of reinforced concrete, native materials employed.