Tetisheri was the matriarch of the Egyptian royal family of the late 17th Dynasty and early 18th Dynasty.


Queen consort of Egypt
Great Royal Wife
King’s Mother

Stela depicting Tetisheri (seated) and pharaoh Ahmose
Mummy found in DB320 but her tomb unknown, possibly KV41?
Spouse Senakhtenre Ahmose
Issue Seqenenre Tao
Ahhotep I
Ahmose Inhapy
Egyptian name
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Dynasty 17th of Egypt
Father Tjenna
Mother Neferu
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion


In fact, Tetisheri was the daughter of Tjenna and Neferu. The names of Tetisheri’s parents known from mummy bandages found in TT320. Senakhtenre selected her, despite her non-royal birth, to be not only his wife but his Great Royal Wife. Tetisheri was the mother of Seqenenre Tao, Queen Ahhotep I and possibly Kamose.

In fact, Pharaoh Ahmose I erected a stela at Abydos to announce the construction of a pyramid and a “house” for Tetisheri. Ahmose refers to the Queen as “the mother of my mother, and the mother of my father, great king’s wife and king’s-mother, Tetisheri” (Breasted).

Burial, cenotaph, and pyramid

In fact, she was likely buried in Thebes and she may have been reinterred in the royal cache in TT320. No tomb at Thebes has yet been conclusively identified with her, though a mummy that may be hers, known as “Unknown Woman B”, was included among other members of the royal family reburied in the Royal Cache.

In fact, Pharaoh Ahmose had a memorial structure or cenotaph at Abydos erected in her honour, in the midst of his own extensive mortuary complex at that site. This mudbrick structure discovered in 1902 by the Egypt Exploration Fund. Found to contain a monumental stela detailing the dedication by Ahmose I and his sister-wife Ahmose-Nefertari of a pyramid and enclosure (or shrine) to Tetisheri.